Electrical Discharge Machine EDM430


Electrical Discharge Machine EDM-540~EDM-1275

EDM-540 ~ EDM-1275

Electrical Discharge Machine EDM-1475~EDM-2210

EDM-1475 ~ EDM-2210

Electrical Discharge Machine EDM3010(2H)


X axis travel mm 1000
Y axis travel mm 600
Z axis travel mm 500
Spindle to table distance mm 350~850
Table Size mm 1200x700
Max. work piece weight kgs 4500
Max. work electrode weight kgs 350
Work Tank mm 2100x1150x625
Tank Capacity L 1250
Machine Size mm 3950x3202x2700
Machine Weight kgs 5700
Filter Tank pcs 2
Paper Filter pcs 4

Standard Accessories

  • X, Y, Z axes AC servo motor
  • 15" LCD screen
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Halogen work lamp
  • Electrode chuck
  • Oil filters
  • Tool box with tools

Optional Accessories

  • Oil chiller
  • Permanent magnetic chuck
  • M.P.G. Remote control box
  • 3R/EROWA/Taiwan
  • ATC 4/6/16/20T
  • C AXIS
  • Auto chuck & Manual chuck
  • Connecting plate / Chuck